Joints and musculoskeletal system

Audevard laboratories offer a range of drugs for joints and the musculoskeletal system: Tildren with tiludronic acid (biphosphonates, SPC), Ekyflogyl with prednisolone and lidocaine (topical product for joint and muscle pain, SCP) and Equioxx with firocoxib (NSAID, SPC).


Topical corticosteroid gel for localised musculosketal disorders in horses


Firocoxib: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in tablet form

Equine joints

The joints in your horse’s limbs are under strain throughout his or her lifetime, especially during a sporting career, whether in showjumping, dressage or eventing. All the joints in the fore and hind limbs and back are subject to stress: the fetlocks, the knees, the hocks, the joints in the navicular bone, the feet, the vertebrae, the hips and the stifles. You can support the smoothness, steadiness and amplitude of your horse’s gait, but also protect him or her against stiffness and unsteadiness, which can cause impaired performance and refusals or even stop a horse jumping. Whether your horse is used for sport or leisure, young or elderly, the feed supplements in the Audevard musculoskeletal range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that meet your horse’s joint needs: glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, MSM, Harpagophytum, turmeric, black pepper. Audevard proposes a range of medicines for the musculoskeletal system: Tildren containing tiludronic acid (bisphosphonates, SPC).

Equine tendons

Your horse’s tendons are subject to constant strain, whether this concerns flexor tendons such as the deep flexor tendon or the superficial flexor tendon, extensor tendons or even ligaments. At work, during training and when exercising, the tendons of the fore limbs are generally subject to greater stresses than the tendons of the hind limbs. In addition to the use of a poultice and rehabilitation therapy, nutritional supplements can be used in the event of tendon sensitivity, tendon deformation, tenosynovitis or tendon healing or to strengthen the tendons and ligaments. The feed supplements in Audevard’s tendon range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that support the protection, recovery and healing of tendons and ligaments: Centella asiatica, fucus, zinc, vitamin A, bromelain.

Equine comfort and mobility

Your horse’s musculoskeletal system can be weakened by repeated demands. The stresses exerted on the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments can cause stiffness, and discomfort in the fore limbs, back or hindquarters. This sensitivity can be visible when the horse is cold when it comes out the loose box, after training or after intense effort. The feed supplements in the Audevard comfort and mobility range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that meet the musculoskeletal needs of your horse, whether it is a competing horse or an elderly horse: Harpagophytum, omega 3 fatty acids, Boswellia serrata, white willow, hyaluronic acid, meadowsweet.

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