Preparation for effort in horses

Products that limit the development of fatigue and have a boosting effect can be used to support your horse during competition season, training or intensive effort in general. The nutritional supplements in Audevard’s preparation range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that help give additional energy and vitality to your horse: iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin A, selenium, Angelica sinensis.

Recovery after effort in horses

After intense effort or competing or following illness, your horse’s body needs support to help prevent the development of fatigue, aches and pains or congestion. A draining or detoxifying treatment can be used to aid elimination by the kidneys and liver. Your horse may need electrolytes to compensate for losses associated with sweating during effort. Finally, to prevent congestion and improve muscle, ligament and tendon recovery, you can apply clay. The feed supplements and external treatments in Audevard’s recovery range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that aid recovery and support liver and kidney function, as well as lymphatic drainage: sorbitol, dandelion, milk thistle, prickly pear, sodium, potassium, fast sugars, electrolytes, clay, kaolin, eucalyptus.

Equine behaviour

Specific products are available to limit stress and help your horse concentrate. These products help your horse stay calm and cope with difficult situations without over-reacting: weaning, vet visit, transport, breaking-in, blacksmith visit, osteopath, competition, change of box, new stables. The feed supplements in the Audevard behaviour range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that aid concentration and reduce stress and nervousness in your horse: Bacopa monnieri, magnesium, vitamins (B6, B9, B12), tryptophan, Angelica archangelica, maternal pheromone. Audevard proposes a range of sedative medicines: Sedomidine containing detomidine (sedative and analgesic, SPC).


Insects are a genuine nuisance for horses. They can carry diseases but, above all, are a constant nuisance for your horse. Bites from mosquitoes, flies, flat flies, horseflies and ticks can be painful and cause allergic reactions or even disease. The products in the Audevard insect control range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that protect your horse against insects.

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