Audevard proposes a range of medicines for the skin: Imaveral containing enilconazole (antifungal for cutaneous use, SPC).

Equine skincare

Your horse’s skin can be more vulnerable when it is outdoors. A cream or ointment can be used to protect his or her skin against irritation, grazes or cracked skin. These fatty substances form a protective barrier on the skin. The creams and ointments in Audevard’s skincare range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that help protect your horse’s skin: flowers of sulphur, zinc oxide, boric acid, chlorhexidine, geranium, lemongrass, tea tree, hyaluronic acid, centella, sage, lavender, oregano, thyme.

Insect control for horses

Insects are a genuine nuisance for horses. They can carry diseases but, above all, are a constant nuisance for your horse. Bites from mosquitoes, flies, flat flies, horseflies and ticks can be painful and cause allergic reactions or even disease. The products in the Audevard insect control range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that protect your horse against insects.

Equine joints

The joints in your horse’s limbs are under strain throughout his or her lifetime, especially during a sporting career, whether in showjumping, dressage or eventing. All the joints in the fore and hind limbs and back are subject to stress: the fetlocks, the knees, the hocks, the joints in the navicular bone, the feet, the vertebrae, the hips and the stifles. You can support the smoothness, steadiness and amplitude of your horse’s gait, but also protect him or her against stiffness and unsteadiness, which can cause impaired performance and refusals or even stop a horse jumping. Whether your horse is used for sport or leisure, young or elderly, the feed supplements in the Audevard musculoskeletal range have been developed by vets and contain ingredients that meet your horse’s joint needs: glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, MSM, Harpagophytum, turmeric, black pepper. Audevard proposes a range of medicines for the musculoskeletal system: Tildren containing tiludronic acid (bisphosphonates, SPC).

Bandages for horses

After your vet has carried out treatment or surgery on your horse, you may need to apply bandages. Bandaging a horse isn’t easy and requires good-quality materials to protect the skin and prevent injury to your horse. A bandage usually has several layers and absorbs any secretions. Some bandages are used to support the joints or tendons, while others can be used as poultices. The products in Audevard’s dressing range have been developed by vets and address your horse’s needs.

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