100% Efficiency

Laboratoires AUDEVARD adheres strictly to French and European pharmaceutical standards to bring to market its medicinal products: Tildren, Ekyflogyl, Imaveral, Pepticure, or our wormers Hippomectin and Iverpraz, etc. Furthermore, our unique manufacturing process, based on “separate cold pelleting using water”, guarantees that our horses get supplements in which the nutrients remain concentrated and are not damaged during the process. This rigorous technique explains the confidence vets and professionals have in our flagship brands: Ekyflex, Ekygard, Balsamic, Bonutron, Ekyrenal, etc. The finest riders from the equestrian world use our products for their champions: Pénélope Lepresvot, Gwendolen Fer, Jean-Michel Bazire, etc. AUDEVARD has therefore developed genuine expertise when it comes to selecting high-quality ingredients, guaranteeing their ideal concentration and making sure that they remain intact during production and storage. Many of our feed supplement formulas have a very high plant concentration. Careful selection of these raw materials is crucial to protect your horse’s well-being. The raw materials available on the market vary greatly in terms of quality and yet the efficacy of these ingredients depends on the part of the plants selected and their origin. Our quality is our first efficacy guarantee! With AUDEVARD products, you have access to “all-round”, transparent formulas and high-quality, bioavailable ingredients, a specific manufacturing process that keeps the ingredients intact, all both environmentally and animal-friendly

100% Safety

We have developed a programme to guarantee that our formulas will pass doping tests: ADP, Anti Doping Program, certification. For each product carrying this label, the formula of the batch produced contains no substances that could lead to a positive result in a test. Screening for the presence of any natural doping contaminants is carried out by the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) laboratory. Each batch of nutritional product bearing the ADP logo has therefore systematically been tested. All the ADP test reports are always available on the website. Simply enter the product name and batch number.

100% Convenience

The palatability of our feed supplements, how easy the pellets are to eat and improvements in our packaging are a constant concern to our teams, the objective being to facilitate their use. Horses are often very sensitive to the addition to new products in their feed and some ingredients in formulas may have a flavour that your horse likes less. Audevard has developed genuine expertise in guaranteeing the taste appeal of its formulas while maintaining the right ingredient concentrations. Effectiveness can only be guaranteed if the horse finds the product easy to eat! (See all our advice concerning good compliance) In terms of packaging, you can choose between two formats depending on the treatment duration (Individual packaging for 1 to 2 months’ supply, or Professional packaging for several months to a year’s supply). Professional formats enable regular administration for longer periods, at an affordable price. Each product has a graduated measure enabling you to follow your vet's protocols as closely as possible. As each pellet has a different density, don't be surprised if you find your measure is in millilitres instead of grams.

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