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Laboratoires AUDEVARD is the only pharmaceutical company dedicated entirely to your horse’s well-being, health and performance. We support a global, life-long approach to your horse’s care, to prevent health problems, optimise well-being irrespective of age and support performance in competition horses. That is why we supply vets with a very comprehensive range of solutions, tailored to all the situations your horse may encounter: medicinal products (including wormers), feed supplements, skincare or insect repellents. For over 30 years, our rigour and expertise have guaranteed the satisfaction of horse owners and vets with the products in our range.

AUDEVARD, a partner of vets

We support vets in their development and their desire to take an all-round approach to equine health and well-being throughout the horse’s life and depending on activity. This relationship based on trust, collaboration and joint development has led us to become a gold standard in equine health and well-being, with more than 10,000 vets using our products across Europe.

Laboratoires AUDEVARD, equine health expertise

Your horse’s well-being and the right health management are the keys to ensuring a healthy life. Your horse’s well-being depends of ensuring a suitable environment, supplying the right nutrition for its activities and respecting its physiology. Minimum use of medicinal products is ensured by rational vaccination and worming. Signs of musculoskeletal, digestive or respiratory weaknesses are recognised and treated at an early stage by the team looking after the horse. The expression “prevention is better than cure” holds just as true for horses as humans. We have our own specialists in all these fields and also liaise with experts throughout Europe to ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest scientific advances. Our proximity with the equestrian and veterinary worlds has led us to develop solutions tailored to every situation, whether these be our wormers Nexmectin, our other medicinal products: Tildren, Ekyflogyl, Imaveral or our supplements; with our leading brands: Ekyflex, Harpagyl, Ekygard, Balsamic, Ekyrenal or our well-known external treatments, Tifene or Flymax.

An international, dynamic and innovative company

Thanks to our collaboration with vets and horse owners, we have been able to evolve, innovate and grow over the years. Laboratoires AUDEVARD is thus a dynamic company that is constantly evolving and growing, be this through organic growth or acquisitions. Our products are present and recognised in more than 30 countries.

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