A little history….

Back in the 1980s, studies carried out by a French veterinary surgeon led to the first feeding ration charts for horses being defined in France. These charts took into account the energy and nutritional needs of horses on the basis of age, activities and development. These needs having been defined, it was clear that diets based on concentrated feeds and hay could not supply everything a horse needs to reach its full potential. So Audevard’s mission began almost 40 years ago, with the development of a range of supplements backed up by scientific studies designed to support the physiological needs of horses throughout a season, a career and a life, regardless of activity. Determined to use a production process of the highest possible quality, we developed the “cold pelleting” technique using water, avoiding the use of pressure, which damages nutrients during production. This production method guarantees that horses get supplements in which the nutrients have not been damaged during the process, thereby optimising the functionality of the products. That’s also why your pellets are different colours (depending on the nutrient family) and may have a twisted or misshapen appearance. Building on this equine expertise, we expanded our activities to include medicinal products for horses, so that we can offer vets and horse owners a global, all-round approach to the management of equine diseases and conditions. Your vet’s medicine cabinet will thus include TIldren (Bisphosphonates), Ekyflogyl, a worming range (Imaverol and Nexmectin) and more besides. Our pharmaceutical expertise has driven us to demand even higher standards when it comes to supplements Strict production requirements, stringent standards with respect to ingredients, innovation and equine well-being are the key values at Laboratoires AUDEVARD. We undertake to observe a strict charter in terms of safety, quality and convenience.

A pharmaceutical company that’s close to nature

In order to optimise the well-being of horses, we focus on a natural approach when creating our products and supplements. We also opt to use “titrated” plant extracts to ensure an optimal concentration of the targeted substances in the plant. We thus combine science with the benefits of plants to develop the supplements best tailored to the horse’s physiological needs.

A passionate team

We are the only pharmaceutical company 100% dedicated to equine health, working on both medicines and supplements. More than a passion, for us horses, their health and their well-being have become a genuine obsession. We work closely with equine professionals and vets every day and our teams combine scientists and people who are passionate about riding and horses.

Laboratoires AUDEVARD, day-to-day support

Like you, we are occasional or competitive riders, polo players, vets or owners. We know how difficult it can be to juggle this passion that drives us with our family life and our work. We share with you this desire to ensure the fulfilment and well-being of horses. That’s why we want to offer you the benefit of our experience, our advice, our high standards and the quality of our products, to help you achieve your personal and sporting goals with your horse, preventing or managing any health problems. Together, let’s keep our horses in top form for as long as possible, because winning is down to teamwork.

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