It is always interesting to hear a high-level rider talk about their wins, but it is even more fascinating to hear them talk about their career and current activity. From work and strategy to hopes and disappointments, luck and perseverance to unfortunate accidents: every rider has a tale to tell. Laboratoires Audevard decided to support a team who will share all these experiences with you.

Pro riders

The Audevard Team was formed in January 2007 and includes riders chosen not only for their talent but also for their respectful attitude towards their horses, their courage and their desire to win. The team is made up of ten riders in seven different disciplines: Show Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Endurance, Trotting and Reining.

We will be keeping track of them throughout the year, bringing you their expertise and their latest news and views on their events and how they use Audevard products. You'll be able to see them at various national and international events. They wear the AUDEVARD TEAM colours of green and black.

Team Academy

Audevard ACADEMY team brings together talented young equestrians. You will be able to see them at various national and international events. They wear the AUDEVARD TEAM colours of green and black.

Lena Gundlage

Lena Gundlage

Lena began riding relatively late at the age of 8. She initially competed in show jumping with her horse Campino, before switching to dressage. The pair grew up and progressed together, moving into international events in the U25 division (Germany). Lena’s achievements include a “Reitabzeichen” Gold Medal and the intermediate cup at the Stuttgart German Masters in November 2018. Lena then became Bavarian Champion with the U25 Grand Prix in 2017, and was one of the top riders at the Vienna, Mannheim and Salzburg International Dressage Events in March, May and December 2018. Today Lena is based in Munich, where she is finishing her IT studies. Lena and Audevard “With Audevard, I’ve found a partner I can trust to look after my horse’s health. I don’t need to worry about potentially doping substances or accidentally using doping substances in his feed. BONUTRON SPORT PRO supports us all year long and VETIDRAL is the perfect supplement during periods of intense competitive events and tournaments. To help my horses with their musculoskeletal system I also use EKYFLEX ARTHRO, which significantly improves their mobility. Finally, for horses with delicate stomachs, EKYGARD is my first choice.”

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