Beatriz, a key figure in the world of international dressage.

Education and professional experience

Born in Barcelona, Beatriz is the daughter of Carlos Ferrer, a famous tennis player who was President of the Spanish Olympic Committee from 1986 to 1998. She only began riding at the age of 15, but very soon wanted to progress and specialise in dressage. The 1986 selection of Barcelona to host the 1992 Summer Olympic Games inspired her to become a professional in the sport. So in 1990, Beatriz decided to move to Germany to train at the highest level with several renowned coaches. Today, she is an undisputed star of the world of Dressage, thanks, in particular, to her impressive list of achievements.

Significant achievements

• In 1997 and 1999: 4th with her team in the Verden and Arnheim European Championships

• 2000: 4th with her team and 10th individually in the Sydney Olympic Games

• 2001: Spanish champion with Beauvalais and 4th with her team in the Verden European Championships

• 2002: Individual Silver and Team Bronze in the Jerez World Equestrian Games

• 2003: Spanish Champion and Team Silver, Individual Bronze in the Hickstead European Championships

• 2004: Team Silver and Individual Bronze in the Athens Olympic Games

• 2005: Team Bronze and 7th individually in the Hagen European Championships

• 2007: Spanish Vice-Champion with Fabergé • 2010: Spanish Champion with Fabergé

• 2011: 6th with her team in the Rotterdam European Championships

• 2015: Individual Bronze in the Aachen European Championships with Delgado and 4th with her team

Beatriz & Audevard

Currently located in superb facilities in Spain at the “Villa Equus” near Barcelona, Beatriz takes great care to make sure her horses get the very best treatment, whether it is given by herself or specialists. “It’s essential to monitor your horses closely if you want to be successful, particularly at a high level. Audevard products are an invaluable aid when it comes to keeping my horses healthy and making sure they perform well, day to day and during the competition season. We use them a lot and all the vets here recommend them”, explains the champion. Audevard is therefore very proud to have in its team a champion demonstrating such discipline and determination, qualities that are essential to reach the top in Dressage.

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