Franck, first French World Number 1 in the FEI Ranking List (2014)

Education and professional experience

With his father and grandfather passionate about Western riding, Franck was immersed in this discipline from a very young age. When he was 15, Franck decided to specialise in Reining and began by a tour Europe, going to all the major competitions. He spent most of his time observing and analysing the riders.

Significant achievements

En 1988, il va faire la rencontre de François Gauthier, entraîneur Canadien, où deux ans plus tard, il partira pour commencer son apprentissage. Il y restera pendant cinq mois pour se rendre ensuite au Texas chez Scott Mc Cutcheon, Champion du Monde 1989. Il y découvre le monde de l’équitation professionnelle américaine, là où le cheval est une religion avant d’être une passion. 

In 1988, he met François Gauthier, a Canadian trainer, and two years later he set off to begin his training in Canada. He stayed there for five months before travelling to Texas to the home of Scott McCutcheon, the 1989 World Champion. There he discovered the world of American professional horseriding, where horses are practically a religion. After his American adventure, Franck decided to come home to France in 1992 to work at the La Cense study farm alongside Lisa McCauley. Thanks to her, he learned all about what goes on behind the scenes in the world of competitive events: how to prepare a horse, how to show it off in the best possible light during a class, etc. Franck went on to accumulate experience and wins, soon becoming the top European Reining rider. In 2003 at 34 years old, Franck Perret decided to share his riding experience and expertise with others, by creating Ride For Emotion®. The School focuses on discipline and performance, making sure that Franck Perret is a regular at the most important international events. An official member of the French team at each world event, he wears our colours with honour. Competing is an essential part of his life. Having won a number of medals and prizes around the globe, he has proved his expertise against some of the biggest names in horseriding.

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