Frédéric, included in the top 10 driving teams in the world for over 5 years (FEI Top Award Pair Driving)

Education and professional experience

Frédéric started his career in pony show jumping events before switching to driving. At the age of 17, having outgrown ponies, he moved onto horses and soon took the reins of a driving pair of trotters. He went on to have a string of successes in his category, twice becoming French Champion, in 1992 and 1993. To enter higher level events, Frédéric decided to put together a new driving team and embarked on the “Anglo-Arab adventure”. The Director of the Tarbes National Stud Farm was immediately won over by the idea and entrusted him with two horses: COLYAN and BRIN D’AIR. After a few “adjustments”, Frédéric succeeded in taking them to the top, and was twice PRO Vice-Champion of France in 1996 and 1999. Competing against the greatest international champions became Frédéric’s next goal. He brought in two new Anglo-Arabs in 1999, Marek and Récital. The magic between the man and his horses was very quickly apparent and they put in some fine performances in their first events in 2000. Benjamin, World Vice-Champion in 4-in-hand driving trials Benjamin is a genuine “all-rounder”, who excels most in Driving Trials. After being three times French Champion, he reached the world top 10 in 2007 and became World Vice-Champion in four-in-hand driving trials at Leipzig in 2009.

Significant achievements

His international successes included: 3rd place in Portugal, 4th place in Spain and 4th place in Saumur. This consistency earned him a place in the French team, which took part in the Alps Danube Cup (considered to be the European Championships) in the Czech Republic (Humpolec August 2000) and, in particular, to finish in 11th place individually. After these successes, he was selected in 2001 to represent France in the World Pair Driving Championships in Riesenbeck, Germany. This was a crowning achievement for Frédéric, who has consistently appeared in the world Top Ten ever since.

Frederic & Audevard

“I used ZZEN in one of our Anglo-Arab horses. He’s a calm horse but soon becomes edgy when he thinks the exercise is difficult. It really does have a very beneficial effect because I can feel that the horse is much more relaxed and receptive”, explains Frédéric. “This was especially true when coming to the end of working on the flat, harnessed and mounted. He would tense up when he had to make a bit more of an effort, even after I introduced lots of loosening exercises. He used to get stressed when we harnessed him up in a pair because he was afraid of not being able to keep up with his neighbour. Using ZZEN has helped him overcome these barriers in his work, making him much lighter and more flexible today without us having made any changes to the training plan. In the marathon and cone-driving events, he is just as dynamic (ZZEN doesn’t take away any of their energy) and much more willing to make quick, sharp turns without showing any signs of irritation. After a month of treatment, we stopped the product to see if it was ZZEN that was making the horse more relaxed and in the days that followed we could see him beginning to get stressed again… The effect of ZZEN on my horses is undeniable and I highly recommend it.”

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