Jean-Michel, a legendary driver with more than 5000 wins under his belt

Education and professional experience

Jean-Michel Bazire is renowned throughout the trotting world as an outstanding trainer and driver. At his home in La Bodinière in the Sarthe area of central France, he and his teams constantly care for around 50 horses, training them to the very highest level. Jean Michel is a trotting legend, demonstrated by his huge number of victories. In 2014, reached the 5,000 mark! His partnership with Audevard has given him an opportunity to really focus on a new aspect of training: providing nutritional solutions for performance issues. “We always have at least one horse in the stables that isn’t in top form or that runs out of steam in the last few strides, and supplements can really help”, explains Jean-Michel.

Significant achievements

Some of the most noteworthy of his 5,000 wins are:

• 20 Sulky d’Or wins

• 4 Prix d’Amérique wins

• 2 Elitloppet wins

• 3 Grand Prix de France wins

• 5 Prix de Paris wins

• 4 Prix René Ballière wins

• 5 Critérium for 4 year-olds wins

• 4 Grand Critérium de Vitesse de la Côte-d’Azur wins

Jean-Michel & Audevard

So why did he choose AUDEVARD? “I was already using some of their products and I was very happy with them. They offer all the innovation and safety guarantees that I need.”

Products used by Jean-Michel

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