Marine Bourceau is a promising eventer, aged 27 years old

Education and professional experience

She first discovered horseback riding when she was 3, by following her dad on horseback when he used to go for runs in the forest. She began her riding experience with by participating in Pony Games, but later discovered horse trials (eventing) as it was the main discipline at her riding school. Her first event horse was her Pony Games pony; a few years later she bought her first competition pony with whom she finished 3rd out of her division in the National Championships and won the French Cup in 2006. By 2008, she had qualified for her very first international competition.

She has owned her horse Romeo for 11 years now. He was 4 when she bought him in 2010 and she was 17. Together they started eventing in 2013 and it was a real success! They progressed to the amateur elite level and then started to compete on the professional circuit in early 2018, going from Pro 3 to Pro 1 in less than a year. Out of 29 starts, they have almost always been clear on the cross-country phase. She also tells us that "Romeo is a real warrior in this test".

Significant achievements

  • 2014 : 1st in the Devoucoux Challenge Amateur 1 (she won 3 of the 4 classes)
  • 2018 : 1st in the Pro 3 at Coulandon (first competition at this level)
  • 2018 : 4th in the National Championships Pro 2
  • 2019 : 1st Pro 1 at the Lion d’Angers : clear round in the cross-country test

Marine & Audevard

« Romeo’s health and well-being are very important for me. Eventing is a demanding discipline where the horse has to be very versatile. He recently had a bad injury in one limb. Myostem Mass helped him gain muscle back and Ekyflex Tendon was really efficient in supporting his tendons. In competition I combine Ekyflex Arthro and Ekyflex Nodolox to help him recover. I also use Ekylaxyl gel to give him some massages after the effort. Tifène Pommade is very useful for the small wounds. Romeo has a delicate stomach, I also give him Ekygard throughout the year and since then I have a very serene horse!"

Products used by Marine

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