Doping contaminants control

We have developed a programme to ensure that our formulas pass anti-doping tests : the ADP (Anti-Doping Program) certification.

For each product with this label, the formula of the produced batch does not contain any substances that could cause a horse to test positive. Screening for possible natural doping contaminants is carried out by the Laboratory for Horse Racing (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, LCH).
Therefore, each batch of nutritional products bearing the ADP logo has been systematically analysed.

The presence of certain ingredients in some of our products comes with a necessary waiting period or a maximum dose that must not be exceeded before taking part in a competition. These indications can be found in the product sheets on our website. 

You can always consult the ADP analysis reports below, entering the name of the product and its batch number.

Anti-Doping Program<

Control of
doping contaminants

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Control of
doping contaminants


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