Ekyflex Arthro EVO ADP

Joint support, triple protection: cartilage, synovial fluid and subchondral bone

Ekyflex Arthro EVO is a feed supplement for your horse's joints. Its nutrients are selected to meet the short-term and long-term needs of the joint.

Knowing what to look out for in your horse

Know how to recognise the signs that could indicate a need for joint support: changes or difficulties in your horse's movements during effort (asymmetric gait, lack of spring, lack of impulsion, etc.), hot joints after exercise, stiffness or discomfort when cold, rigidity on hard ground, clicking sounds when the limbs are mobilised. Don't hesitate to make a precise note of these signs and to share them with your vet, who will be able to advise you and recommend the use of Ekyflex Arthro EVO.

Knowing how to plan ahead

The horse's joint must be managed throughout its life, because like any athlete, it is particularly stressed and natural wear is inevitable. Anticipation is key to ensure the horse has a long career and good locomotion throughout his life. Know how to anticipate demanding periods: competition season, change in surface, intensive training, growth spurt... Feeding Ekyflex Arthro EVO one month before and during the key period will help you manage them the best way. Ask your veterinarian for advice.

A free stride for your horse.

Glucosamine, a key ingredient in this type of product, improves the action of your horse's stride.It comes in two different forms: glucosamine hydrochloride and glucosamine sulphate. Glucosamine sulphate is better absorbed by the horse (on average 2.7 times better absorbed than glucosamine hydrochloride). This is why our veterinarians have selected glucosamine sulphate in higher concentration (up to 10 g per 30 g dose in Ekyflex Arthro EVO).


The well-being of the horse's joints depends above all on the integrity of its different components:

• the cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber and interface, helping the movement between the two joining bones

• the synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint

• the subchondral bone, which absorbs shocks at bone level and prevents transmission to the entire skeleton

The formula of Ekyflex Arthro EVO provides nutrients to nourish these different components and preserve the integrity of the whole joint.


Ekyflex Arthro EVO represents the evolution of joint protection. With 65% of new generation active ingredients, selected and titrated by our veterinarians, this formula doesn't contain any animal derivatives and respects the physiology of the horse.

It is no longer a question of protecting only the cartilage but all the components of the joint: the cartilage, the synovial fluid and the subchondral bone. This triple protection frees your horse's stride and maintains a fluid movement.

Ekyflex Arthro EVO doesn't contain any ingredient that could make your horse positive for doping. The ADP programme guarantees that no contamination will make your horse doping positive.

Our advice

Ekyflex Arthro EVO can be used in periods of 2 months. It is always preferable to anticipate the periods of greater needs to prevent the horse from joint degradation. Ekyflex Arthro EVO can be used for longer periods or continuously throughout the year, and is suitable for use in competition as shown by our team riders.


450g box – Sufficient for up to 15 days use in support dose.
900g box – Sufficient for up to 30 days use in support dose.
1.8kg box – Sufficient for up to 60 days use in support dose.
4.5kg box – Sufficient for up to 150 days use in support dose.
12kg box – Sufficient for up to 400 days use in support dose.

Product category

This product belongs to the complementary feed for horses category. Availability of products per country depending on local regulation

Ingredients focus.

The strength of Ekyflex Arthro Evo lies in the complementarity of its ingredients. Audevard offers the first chondroprotector for horses concentrated in  plant fractions (ASU and PAC) and free of animal derivatives.

Advances in technologies have made it possible to develop a new generation of ingredients, with increased purity.  This allows a more concentrated and precise formula while respecting the physiology of the horse. Glucosamine, MSM, Peptagen II (mix of amino acids precursors of non-animal collagen) and ASU (avocado and soy unsaponifiables) nourish the cartilage and prevent its deterioration while PAC (proanthocyanidins) will target the subchondral bone.

PELLETS - Complementary feed designed for joint protection and comfort.

Daily allowances:

• Support dose : 1 measure once a day during periods of competition, intense activity or for 1 to 2

months before an event. The dose can be doubled on the advice of your veterinarian.

• Maintenance dose: 1 half-measure during non-intensive periods.

For a pony, divide the measures by 2; support: 1/2 dose, maintenance: 1/4 dose.

1 dose = 30g

Average daily intake (1 measure= 30 g):

Plant-based glucosamine sulphate: 10g
MSM: 4.5g
Peptagen II of non animal origin: 3g
ASU (avocado and soy unsaponifiables): 1g
PAC (Proanthocyanidins from grape seed extracts and grape skin) : 1g

PELLETS - Composition (per kg): glucosamine sulphate 2KCl (non-animal origin) 333,000 mg, alfalfa, lithothamnion, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables) 33,300 mg standardized to >30% phytosterols, carob, corn by-product, sugar beet molasses, Stevia rebaudiana. Additives (per kg): -2b- Aromatic substances: 2b485 grape seed and skin extract (Vitis vinifera) standardized in PAC (>60% proanthocyanidins) 33,300 mg, Peptagen II® (2b17034 glycine 47,000 mg, 2b17019 L-proline 31,000 mg, 2b17002 L-alanine 15,000 mg), apple aroma 25,000 mg. -3c- Amino acids and salts, and similar products: Peptagen II® (3c361 L-arginine 7,000 mg). Analytical constituents: humidity < 10%, crude proteins 23.6%, crude cellulose 4.1%, crude fats 1.8%, crude ash 26.4%, calcium 6%, sodium 0.87%.

I use Ekyflex Arthro EVO to balance and support the orthopaedic system of my horses who are often subject to intense physical efforts.

Pénélope Leprevost
Pénélope Leprevost

Your questions.

I'm willing to give the best supplements to my horse, but what justifies the price of Ekyflex Arthro EVO?

This is a recuring question. The answer is simple: no other formula has as many concentrated ingredients as Ekyflex Arthro EVO and none will guarantee you such sourcing of ingredients. Be demanding when you look at products, compare the doses per day, by ingredients. What may seem cheaper is often of less value. Plus, Ekyflex Arthro EVO isn't just a chondroprotector, it not only protects the cartilage but goes beyond, by also targeting the subchondral bone. This triple protection (cartilage, synovial fluid and bone) allows a complete care of your horses joints.

Is Ekyflex Arthro EVO suitable for my senior horse?

Yes, Ekyflex Arthro EVO is suitable for all ages thanks to the combination of specific ingredients that support both cartilage, synovial fluid and subchondral bone for complete joint support. An older horse will usually have been in work for several years and will benefit even more from personalised nutritional support. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian, they will provide you with a full diagnosis and tell you which solutions are best suited to protect your horse’s well-being and joint health between Ekyflex Arthro EVO, Harpagyl and Bonutron Senior.

Can Ekyflex Artho EVO form part of my horses daily diet?

Ekyflex arthro evo is perfectly suited to form part of your horses daily diet as a herbivore, thanks to its formula developed without any animal derivatives. Chondroprotectors such as glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen available on the market mostly come from animal sources (marine or avian origin). Today, scientific advances make it possible to have chondroprotectors of non-animal origin guaranteeing equivalent efficacy. Ekyflex Arthro EVO is the first formula of chondroprotectors for horses with glucosamine of plant origin and precursors of non-animal collagen.

Besides giving Ekyflex Arthro EVO, what else can I do to support my horse's mobility?

The preservation of the horse's joints throughout its life depends on several elements: hoof balance, good quality surfaces and adapted exercise. Be particularly vigilant with growing horses and of course feed a balanced and appropriate diet. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian.

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