Heating gel

Applying heat locally to healthy tissue encourages restructuring deep down.

Formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories, CAPSIBLIST is a warming gel. It is designed for local application, in particular to tendons and joints.

The CAPSIBLIST formula contains extract of capsicum, a plant rich in capsaicin, which creates heat locally without any abrasive effect on tissue.

What users say...
Users like the fact that this gel can be easily applied in a thick or thin layer.

Our advice
CAPSIBLIST contains capsicum, a plant rich in capsaicin. After application of the product, wait at least six days before entering any competitions.

250 ml tube

Heating gel for the horse locomotion system.

Instructions for use: External use. Rub into the concerned area, two to three times per day. Handle with care. Avoid contact with mucous membranes, especially the eyes. Gloves must be worn when handling the product. If gloves were not worn, wash hands thoroughly after using the product.

This formula contains capsaicin, ask for advice concerning use in competition.

Composition for 1 Liter: Capsicum extract 5 % (pure capsaicin 0,025 %), methyl nicotinate 2 %.

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