Par Audevard, le 03 November 2022

Audevard Laboratories have upgraded the formula of Ekygard which becomes EKYGARD+ and now offers a triple enhanced gastric protection with a synergy of innovative and scientifically recognized ingredients.

This innovation stems from a real need: 60% of horses are subject to gastric discomfort, 40% of them not showing clinical signs.1
The consequences are often a loss of body condition and a drop in performance.
To enable horses to maintain condition and unleash their full potential, it is essential to protect their stomach from gastric acidity.

Using the latest generation of ingredients: Pectigard Complex® (pectin-lecithin), magnesium hydroxide, sea buckthorn berries and probiotics, the EKYGARD+ formula contains all the ingredients recommended by the European College of Equine Internal Medicine for the management of gastric discomfort in horses.2

With this combination of scientifically validated ingredients, EKYGARD+ provides a triple protection for the horse's stomach:

  1. Preserves the gastric mucosa
  2. Limits gastric acidity
  3. Supports the flora

This new formula is also physiologically adapted for horses as it is free from animal by-product, artificial coloring and is low in sugar.
With this new supplement, Audevard Laboratories are committed to bringing comfort and easing the horse’s daily life.
To adapt to all needs, Ekygard+ is available in 3 formats: 2.4kg, 6kg and 14kg.

EKYGARD+: Unleash the potential of every horse by making their stomach an ally.

Ask your veterinarian about EKYGARD + to see how it can be best suited to your horse.

1. Niedzwiedz A. and al. Endoscopic findings of the stomach in pleasure horses. Acta Vet Scand, 2013, Jun 7, 45-55.
2. European College of Equine Internal Medicine Consensus statement (2015).

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