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Ekyflex Mobility - Palatability




Did you know that Audevard had taken new measures to remove artificial colourings from its feed supplements?


The campaign to remove artificial colourings in Audevard’s feed supplements has begun. Audevard Laboratories now offers products with all-natural ingredients, guaranteed free from artificial coulouring.

This comes as part of our ongoing commitment to promote the health and welfare of horses.



See the list of products now available without artificial colouring.



The product


All horses, regardless of their activity level, experience musculoskeletal soreness at some time. Repeated strain can lead to discomfort and/or stiffness, and necessitates specific nutritional requirements.

EKYFLEX MOBILITY combines three plants (harpagophytum, meadowsweet and horsetail), to provide additional nutritional support for stiff or sore horses. There is no change to the 48 hour withdrawal time for competition horses.


More info


EKYFLEX MOBILITY is now free from artificial colouring.

The active formula remains unchanged. The colour and odour has slightly changed, while the consistency is more syrupy.



Our tip


For some horses that are already accustomed to our product, changes may be more noticeable than anticipated. Therefore, we are encouraging a gradual transition to the new consistency. Adding some some molasses or apple/pineapple juice may help increase palatability during the transition phase.


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