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Our products are now free from artificial colouring!

Did you know that Audevard had taken new measures to remove artificial colourings from its feed supplements?

The campaign to remove artificial colourings in Audevard’s feed supplements has begun. Audevard Laboratories now offers products with all-natural ingredients, guaranteed free from artificial coulouring. This comes as part of our ongoing commitment to promote the health and welfare of horses.

The products now available without artificial colourings:

-  The entire Bonutron range (Nutritional balance) 

-  Ekygard Flash (Digestive support)

-  Ekyflex Nodolox Flash (Locomotor comfort)

Vetidral Flash (Electrolytes)

Zzen Flash (Punctual excessive nervousness)

Redplex Booster (Power & performance on D-day)

Nurtène (Breeding season preparation) 

Ekyflex Mobility (Joint support) 

Focus on REDPLEX+ (Power & performance) 


REDPLEX + changes colour and flavour!
Redplex + has changed colour, due to removal of the red colouring. It is now available in a new apple-caramel flavour, for improved flavour!

The active formula remains unchanged (0% cobalt).

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