Nurtene ADP

Preparation for breeding season

The nutritional intake of broodmares and stallions has been proven to affect their fertility.

NURTENE supports the preparation for oestrus and reproduction for broodmares and stallions. NURTENE is recommended for use in preparing broodmares for mounting/insemination and stallions for collection.

The NURTENE formula provides broodmares with over 15 concentrated nutrients, including beta-carotene.

What users say...
Users like that NURTENE comes in packs sufficient to feed mares for three weeks before covering and two weeks afterwards.

Our advice
NURTENE is also widely used in stallions.

2 kg box. Sufficient for up to 6 weeks' use in adult horses.
6 kg tub. Sufficient for up to 18 weeks' use in adult horses.
12 kg barrel. Sufficient for up to 34 weeks' use in adult horses.

Product category
This product belongs to the mineral feed for horses category.
The product availability is dependent upon each country's internal legislation.

Nutritional support for breeding horses.

Daily allowance: 1 serving (50 g) per day.
Duration of use: start 6-8 weeks before breeding. Continue until gestation is confirmed for broodmares and throughout the breeding season for stallions.

Intake per dose (50 g) :

Magnesium : 1000 mg
Sodium : 2500 mg
DL-methionine : 3000 mg
Choline (HCI) : 1750 mg
β-carotene : 1750 mg
Niacin : 175 mg
Vitamin B1 : 50 mg
Vitamin A : 85000 UI
Vitamin E : 400 UI
Zinc : 500 mg
Manganese : 175 mg
Copper : 50 mg
Iodine : 6 mg
Selenium : 0,9 mg

Composition : dicalcium phosphate, brewer's yeast, magnesium oxide, whey, sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol. Additives (per kg): 3a- Vitamins, provitamins and substances with analogous effect : 3a890 choline (HCl) 35,000 mg, 3a160a β-carotene 5,600 mg, 3a314 niacin 3,500 mg, 3a821 vitamin B1 1,000 mg, 3a672a vitamin A 1,700,000 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 8,000 IU. 3b- Trace elements : zinc (3b603 oxide) 10,000 mg, Manganese (3b502 oxide) 3,500 mg, E4 copper (sulphate) 1,000 mg, iodine (3b202 calcium iodate) 120 mg, 3b801 selenium (selenite) 18 mg. 3c- Amino acids : 3c301 DL-methionine 60,000 mg. Analytical constituents : humidity < 10%, crude ash 49%, calcium 6%, phosphorous 6%, sodium 5%.

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