Bonutron Start ADP

Growth and vitality for the very young foal

Newborn foals are fragile and their development is far from complete. Breeding professionals must therefore ensure they receive good nutritional support during their first days of life, for a head start to their champion’s career!

BONUTRON START has been formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories to provide additional nutrition to newborn foals, whose development and digestive balance must be closely monitored.

With 17 nutrients, BONUTRON START is the ideal formula for supporting young foals in their first weeks of life. This unique formula contains vitamins A and D3, plus high concentrations of copper and zinc, rounded off with plants

What users say...
BONUTRON START users like that it comes in a syringe, making it easier to administer to foals.

Our advice
Remind your customers that it is important to follow the protocol below for optimal intake.

15 ml syringe
Pack of 3 syringes

Nutritional support adapted to the needs of the very young foal.

Daily allowance: Put a full syringe into the foal's mouth from birth. Give 3 syringes the first week (D1, D3 and D7). If required, give one syringe per week during 2 months. For reluctant foals, BONUTRON START, thanks to its gel texture, can be applied to the mare's teats.

Average daily intake (1 syringe):

Zinc : 39 mg

Iron : 33 mg

Copper : 14 mg

Vitamin A : 105000 UI

Vitamin D3 : 6000 UI

Choline : 330 mg

Vitamin B3 : 165 mg

Vitamin E : 150 UI

Vitamin B5 : 82,5 mg

Vitamin B2 : 67,5 mg

Vitamin B1 : 52,5 mg

Vitamin C : 33 mg

Vitamin B6 : 16,5 mg

Vitamin B12 : 0,165 mg

L-Lysine : 495 mg

DL Methionine : 330 mg

Mentha Spicata : 150 mg

Composition: Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Brewer's yeast, Sugar cane molasses, Sodium salt of organic acids (sodium benzoate). Additive (per liter): - 2b-Aromatic Substances: mint (Mentha spicata- HE) 10,000 mg, mint flavor 3,300 mg, apple flavor 5,100 mg. - 3a-Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effects: 3a672c Vitamin A 7,000,000 IU, 3a671 Vitamin D3 400,000 IU, 3a890 choline 7,745 mg, 3a315 vitamin B3 11,000 mg, 3a700 vitamin E 10,000 mg, 3a841 pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 5,500 mg, vitamin B2 4,500 mg, 3a820 vitamin B1 3,500 mg, 3a300 vitamin C 2,200 mg, 3a831 vitamin B6 1,100 mg, vitamin B12 11 mg. - 3b-Trace elements: 3b605 Zinc sulfate monohydrate 2,522 mg, 3b103 iron 2,200 mg, 3b405 copper 950 mg, 3b801 selenium 16,65 mg. - 3c-amino acids, their salts and analogues: 3.2.3 L-lysine monohydrochloride 33 000 mg, 3c301 DL-methionine 22,000 mg. - Technological additives: E310 Propyl gallate 60 mg, E320 BHA 30 mg. Analytical constituents: Humidity 71.3%, crude protein 9.1%, crude fat 2.4%, crude ash 1.7%, sodium 0.1%.

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