We have discussed the horse's locomotion in many articles where we explained why it is so important, how to take care of it and how to deal with some pathologies. Here is a slightly different article, we suggest to shed focus on the plants that you can use as food supplements and the role they will play in supporting your horse's locomotion. In addition to acting on the joint mobility and therefore the comfort of your horse, these plants can be used over long periods. Here is our selection of plants to support the locomotion of your horse:

Harpagophyutm : the most known solution

Harpagophytum is a wild plant from the semi-desert regions of South Africa. Its botanical name means "hook plant" and it is also known as "devil's claw".

Harpagophytum is widely recognized both in humans and in horses for its benefit on joint mobility and locomotor comfort of the horse.

To be effective, it is important that the extract is derived from the root and that the harpagoside content is high and guaranteed because it varies greatly depending on the harpagophytum plant. Indeed it is in particular the harpagoside which is the active molecule of the plant.

However, many studies show that the quality of harpagophytum, thus of all these active molecules, is essential to its good function.

It is therefore important when you buy a feed supplement containing harpagophytum, to find out the quantity of harpagophytum, the quantity of harpagoside (if it is titrated or not) but also the species of the plant because there are several species of harpagophytum, the most commonly used being Harpagophytum procumbens.

When we talk about the quantity of harpagoside titrated, it means that we know the exact quantity of harpagoside (active molecule) contained in the product. When a food supplement is not titrated, the concentration of active molecules cannot be guaranteed.

It is often thought that plants can be used for all horses, however as Harpagophytum is considered a doping product, its use must be stopped a few days before competitions.

White willow

The white willow is a tree of the Salicaceae family and found in Europe.

It is the bark of the young branches as well as the green parts (buds and leaves) that are used.

The white willow is therefore particularly recommended to help horses recover after an effort and to reduce stiffness.

You can also use it for older horses in need of joint support.

Be careful once again with the dosage of this plant because acetylsalicylic acid is a product considered doping so too much White Willow can cause doping problems.

Boswellia serata

Boswellia is a tree originating from Asia and Africa.

It is mainly the resin of this tree that is used for its benefits in articular comfort.

This medicinal plant, of which the most famous botanical variety is Boswellia Serrata, is known for its numerous benefits for locomotion.

The use of Boswellia serata is highly recommended for horses whose joints are strongly solicited (competitions, intensive training...).

Boswellia serata will limit joint discomfort and can therefore also be suitable for older horses to limit stiffness and improve their locomotor comfort.


Meadowsweet is a perennial herbaceous plant found in Europe and Asia.

It is the flower that is used for its properties.

Among the active components of the meadowsweet, we find once again precursors of the acetylsalicylic acid.

This plant is ideal for supporting the horse's joints as well as to limit stiffness for older horses.


Turmeric is extracted from a plant that grows in southern Asia. If it is commonly in Indian cuisine, it is also a plantposessing many virtues.

Turmeric is a very good element to improve the locomotion of the horse and limit stiffness.

As its assimilation is not always very good, it is often recommended to associate it with other elements such as black pepper which improves its bioavailability and therefore its effectiveness.

That is it for the overview of plants that can have beneficial effects on the locomotion of your horse.

If you wish to help prevent locomotion problems or or if your horse already suffers from these kinds of problems, we advise you to consult your veterinarian for advice. He will suggest the most suitable solutions for your horse.

In our range, you will find these plants in our various food supplements adapted to the needs of your horse.

Thus, harpagophytum will be the main component of Harpagyl, adapted to support the stiffness of leisure and older horses. Turmeric will be combined with black pepper and chondroprotective elements in Ekyflex Artho and will be ideal for sport horses needing joint support. As for White Willow and Boswellia serata, they will be in the components of Ekyflex Nodolox and will ensure your horse a good recovery and flexibility.

 If you have any questions ceoncerning plants that can support the muscloskeletal system of your horse, don't hesitate to contact us on ask us on our social media channels!

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