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When horses perspire heavily, they lose more than just water: they also lose electrolytes, which are essential for efficient biochemical exchanges within the body. It is therefore important to fully replace lost electrolytes through appropriate nutritional intake.

VETIDRAL is a complementary feed formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. VETIDRAL helps compensate for electrolyte loss in cases of heavy sweating in horses, such as after intense activity, during period of extreme heat, etc.

The VETIDRAL formula contains electrolytes in proportions identical to those found in sweat, in order to make up for losses. It also provides prebiotics to stimulate electrolyte replacement and absorption

What users say...
VETIDRAL users like its practical format. It can be used in powder or solution form, as required.

Our advice
Electrolytes are often administered after exercise, but it is even more effective if they are also administered in the days before a race or competition, so the horse can build up reserves.

1,5 kg box of powder. Sufficient for up to 30 days' use
5 kg box of powder - Sufficient for up to 100 days' use

Product category
This product belongs to the mineral feed for horses category

Additional electrolyte intakes in case of severe sweating in horses.

Daily allowance: Administer 1 serving (50 g) of powder per day, mixed into the horse's feed, for 1 to 3 days. The amount can be doubled in the event of excessive sweating. Water should be available at all times. 1 measure= 50 g

Intake per dose (50 g)

Fast-acting sugars
Dextrose : 8495mg
Lactose : 5995 mg

Sodium : 6500 mg
Potassium : 2910 mg
Calcium : 110 mg
Magnesium : 70 mg

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) : 1500 mg
Silicic acid : 3250 mg
Glycine : 2500 mg
Vitamin C : 2000 mg

Dietetic mineral feed for horses
Composition : sodium chloride, dextrose, lactose, potassium chloride, calcium gluconate, fructooligosaccharide (FOS), sodium salt of organic acids, magnesium sulfate. Additives (per kg) : -3a- Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effect : 3a300 vitamin C 40,000 mg. -2b- Aromatic substances : stevia extract (CoE 552) 200 mg, apple flavouring 1,000 mg. Analytical constituents : humidity 2.3%, crude ash 52.2%, crude protein 5.70%, calcium 0.22%, magnesium 0.14%, potassium 5.82%, sodium 13%, ash insoluble in HCl 4.92%, sugars 31%.

After numerous hours of racing, my horses are tired and dehydrated ; VETIDRAL helps bring them back to their normal state.

Dr Jack Begaud
Dr Jack Begaud

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