Ekymash Booster ADP

Digestive comfort

Horses have sensitive digestive systems and can therefore suffer from stress, which they must overcome quickly to recover and return to work. These critical periods require specific nutritional support.

EKYMASH BOOSTER is a nutritional support formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories.

It is designed to provide horses with additional nutrition to support digestion. In horses being weaned back on to food, EKYMASH BOOSTER can be mixed into mash.

EKYMASH BOOSTER's highly comprehensive formula contains lemon balm fibre, thyme and peppermint extract, along with prebiotics, electrolytes and magnesium.

What users say...
Users particularly like EKYMASH BOOSTER's versatility. It can be added to warm mash, poured onto hay or into drinking water, and can even be given directly into the horse's mouth.

Our advice
Use EKYMASH BOOSTER to support your horse's digestive recovery after exercise or stress. Ensure hay and water are always available.

1 L bottle

Product category
This product belongs to the complementary feed for horses category.
The product availability is dependent upon each country's internal legislation.

Complementary feed formulated to meet the digestive needs of horses. In horses being weaned back on to food, it is preferable to mix EKYMASH BOOSTER into mash. Shake well before use.

Daily allowance:
Increased requirements: 100 to 250 ml per day for 2 to 5 days.
Standard requirements: 50 to 100 ml per day for at least one week.

Intake per dose (50ml) :

Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) : 1134 mg
Plantago psyllium : 890 mg
Melissa officinalis : 550 mg
Mentha piperita : 544 mg
Thymus vulgaris : 550 mg
Magnesium : 410 mg

Compositionsugar beet molasses, dextrose, magnesium chloride, propylene glycol,  sodium chloride, fructo-oligosaccharides, Plantago psyllium, sodium salt of organic acid (sodium benzoate). Additives (per litre): -2b- Aromatic substances: mint (Mentha piperita—tincture) 11,000 mg, thyme extract (Thymus vulgaris) 11,000 mg, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis—tincture) 11,000 mg, apple flavour 3,060 mg, apricot flavour 3,042 mg, stevia extract CoE552 3,000 mg. Analytical constituents : Humidity 73.3%, crude proteins 0.9%, crude fats 0.1%, crude ash 5.5%, crude fibre 0.3%, sodium 0.96%.

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